About | “Thirty what..?”

You may think “Thirty Birds Massage” is an odd name for a freelance massage therapist to choose for their business.
But then again, sometimes it’s these odd things that makes them unique; and got them to the place they are now.

THIRTY BIRDS MASSAGE: What does it mean?
There are some important times in our lives where – all of a sudden, a light comes on – and everything becomes clear.
That meaning you’ve looked for? Now it all makes sense.
That sense of purpose you wished you had? Found it.

This ‘lightbulb moment’ happened to me a few days after I turned 30.
My thirtieth year continued to become a year full of learning, of relearning, and of braving the unknown – taking the first few steps toward where I knew I wanted to be:
A Better, Happier, Healthier, Calmer me.

Birds are a potent and abundant symbol in so many cultures, philosophies, beliefs, myths and folk tales.
As I was learning how to take steps in this new and positive direction – like a flock of birds released from a cage – I felt free.
For the first time I unfurled wings I didn’t realise I had, and vowed to learn to have the courage to use them.

I knew that this clarity was about more than me and my own personal steps. Everyone else is taking their own steps, too.
I took my place among the rest of the world – where other folks may also feel stressed, anxious, unsure and are also simply trying their best to get through it all – one day at a time.
I signed-up for Massage School and retrained with the hope of being able to use massage and touch therapy, relaxation techniques, sensory aides such as sound/scent, and to continue to develop a relaxing environment where clients can be free to release the issues they are working through, and reconnect their bodies and minds.

This is where “Thirty Birds Massage” was born.

You’re really welcome, here. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Sarah. x