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Take a look through the treatments and sessions available at Thirty Birds Massage, and when you find what you want, press the BOOK button, which will take you straight over to FRESHA – my booking facility.


Swedish Massage 🙌😊

  • Full-Body:  75mins.  €60 | 90mins. €66   BOOK
  • Back, Neck & Shoulder: 60mins. €55   BOOK

Also known as “Classic Massage” – Swedish Massage is a routine combining 5 movements or strokes:

      • Effleurage – a long, gliding movement.
      • Petrissage – a kneading movement; working deeper into the soft tissues.
      • Friction – a heat-generating, rubbing movement.
      • Vibration – a fine trembling movement to loosen tense soft tissues.
      • Tapotement – a variety of rhythmical, percussive movements to increase circulation and muscle reflex.

Each are conducted in sequences at the preferred pressure of the client, relaxing tight muscles and relieving tension.

The Full Body treatment includes the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Legs (Front & Back), and if desired the Feet, Hands, Arms and Scalp and finishing up with some lovely, light, relaxing work on the face – depending on your preference.

The Back, Neck & Shoulder treatment includes the Back, Neck, Shoulders and Scalp and again finishing up with some lovely light, relaxing work on the face – depending on your preference.


Relaxing Head Massage💆🏾‍♂️

  • 35mins. – €35 | 45mins. – €45   BOOK

Indian Head Massage has been practiced in India and surrounding countries for over 1000 years.
It is a blend of both gentle and stimulating therapeutic massage techniques and its aim is to relieve stress and tension and promote general well-being.

At Thirty Birds Massage, the primary focus is for allowing the client to relax, de-stress, unwind and reconnect their body with their mind.
Drawing influence from traditional Indian Head Massage practices, I have developed my signature slower, more relaxing sequence ~ designed to soothe and calm your busy mind.

Traditionally, Indian Head Massage concentrated on the head, scalp and hair, however modern massage practices and modalities frequently also incorporate the neck, shoulders, arms, hands or upper back.
This can be done either with or without oils – depending on your preference.

If preferred, your treatment can also include hair-brushing and gentle and pleasant pulling of the hair to help achieve relaxation in the scalp.
If there are areas where you experience particular tension; a longer routine including the face and arms can also be tailored to your requirements.


Foot Massage👣

  • 45min. – €40   BOOK

Look after your tootsies! They put up with a lot! 
A lovely treatment beginning with a slow flex and massage of the feet; then moving on to a soothing lower-leg massage. Perfect for really taking care of your tired feet.

ASMR Relaxation Session😌💤

  • 40min. – €35 |  60min. – €45   BOOK
  • NB: Also available as a 15min add-on to any other listed full-length treatment for €12 SEE HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

You may have seen or heard about ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) online or in a magazine & it’s fast becoming a favourite form of self-care and is being used as a therapy by practitioners in many Spas & Clinics across North America and Europe.
Well, NOW it’s available as a unique bookable relaxation session right here in Donegal!

ASMR is perhaps best descried as the “Tingles” – a light, tingly sensation we can physically experience, usually beginning around the head & travelling down the neck, arms & torso, in response to a “trigger” – such as a sound, touch or sometimes a visual stimulus.
Not everyone experiences ASMR, & even those who do describe their experiences differently – but whether it is new to you or you’re already a fan, you rest assured you will leave your session feeling relaxed & lighter.

A Thirty Birds Massage ASMR session is a tailored & client-specific multi-sensory blend of calming and stress-relieving breathwork, Light-Touch Massage, Hair Brushing/Playing, Sound Therapy, Softly-Spoken Meditations & Affirmations and is accompanied by scented oils, warm blankets & soft music  😴  💤

Keen to learn more?

Here’s YouTube’s foremost “ASMR-tist” Maria explaining it further: 

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